FA pistol grip tape blank

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Fast Alpha anti-slip grip tape is exclusively designed to attach to pistol grip panels to significantly increase grip friction and eliminate slippage. It’s extremely aggressive texture provides maximum amount of grip friction thus gives you more confidence and better control during high speed dynamic shooting. Our tape performs very well on various materials (wood, metal, plastic) and textures (flat, stippled, checkering). It also works well in hot and cold weather.

 The Grip tapes come in uncut 2’’x4’’ size to allow user cut to fit various firearm’s grip panels.  For example they can be trimmed to fit 1911, Tanfoglio Stock 1/2/3, CZ 75/shadow/TS, Glock, M&P, Baby Eagle etc. It comes in BOTH black and yellow color. Two pieces of each colour is included in a bag (4 pieces total).


Installation :


Easy to install within 3 steps


  1. Trace the contour of your grip panel on grip tape, then cut to size.


  1. Cleaning your grip with rubbing alcohol - make sure the frame is absolutely dry before applying the grips.


  1. Molding the grip with a hair dryer for even more desirable perfect fit on all corners.


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